Chathub is a website that allows you to chat with random strangers and the best part is that you can do this without any kind of supervision. Chathub is immensely popular among teenagers and if you are really interested to know about the reasons, then you can go through the points mentioned below:

  • You can socialize with strangers and it is not necessary for you to share your personal details.
  • You also get to pair with the random users where you are identified simply as “You” and your chat partner is identified as “partner”.
  • This website also has a paired strangers feature that is based on the shared interest of the people chatting.
  • There are also certain filters on Chathub like age, location, and sex.
  • The user will decide as to whether he or she wants the chats monitored or they want the chats to stay unmonitored. Most people tend to opt for monitored chat conversations.
  • There is also an option where you can capture the screenshot of your conversations.
  • As a user, you can also get into spy mode. Here the user can get answers to questions from one chat partner by asking it from another partner.
  • The filter options will allow the user to chat with strangers who have similar interests.
  • You can opt for either the text chat or the video chat option. The text chat options will allow you to talk to the stranger without seeing him or her. With the video chat option, you get to see the person you are talking to.
  • If you are going to a college and have a .edu email address, even then you can access this web chat. Here you can chat with your college mates.
  • This website does not have any app version, but you can use it on mobile browsers. Therefore, you do not require an app.

Chathub Benefits

There are a number of benefits of using the Chathub chat and in order to know about them in details, you can go through the points mentioned below:

  • Using this is quite easy. You will not have to follow any elaborate instructions or commands.
  • The user need not register. They will simply have to log in to the website using an updated browser and start chatting immediately.
  • The users also have the option not to reveal their actual identity. In a scenario where the chat session does not go too well, the user has an opportunity to prevent an embarrassment.
  • If you do not enjoy the chatting session, you can simply disconnect. You do not have to bear any kind of penalty for it.
  • It is quite exciting for adult users as they can chat with anyone and they are not aware of whom they will chat next.
  • This is a website that is available in different languages and therefore everyone can use the service even if they are not comfortable with English.

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How to use Chathub?

In order to use this website, you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • You will first have to visit the Chathub home page website
  • There is no need for you to register on this website.
  • Once you log in, you get the option to either text chat or video chat
  • Choose the option as per your preference and start chatting
  • If you opt for a video chat session, you will be asked to turn on your webcam
  • You will be connected to a stranger
  • You will simply have to type in a message and then click on the “Send” button
  • When you want to stop the chatting session, you will simply have to click on the “Stop” option.
  • Here you will get an option that says, “really”?
  • You will have to click on this and confirm that you want to end the chat session.

Chathub is one of the best chatting websites and only users above the age of 18 years are allowed to use this website. Since it does not have any way to prevent users from less than 18 years, therefore, there is an opportunity for users to fake their age. However, overall the website is excellent and at any given point in time, you will find a number of online users across the globe on this website.

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