How can I control OmeTv from my phone?

Every month, millions of people use Ometv to meet others who share their interests. With its impressive features, the platform makes interacting with strangers simple.

Regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS phone, you can use Ometv on it. You’ve come to the right place if you don’t know how to use Ometv on an iOS or Android phone. You will learn how to use this mobile video chat platform so that you can communicate with people while on the go.


When using the Ometv Android website, why can’t I video chat with other users? The web browser you are using, not the website, is relevant. Google Chrome is the most popular mobile web browser for Android devices.

Google forbids video chatting on Chrome because it is secure. As a result, when using the Google Chrome browser, you are unable to conduct video chat on your Android phone through Ometv.

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Fortunately, you can use a third-party web browser to video chat on Ometv: Use the CloudMosa-developed subscription-based Puffin browser. This web browser, which was first made available in 2010, lets you browse while using the camera on your Android phone.

The instructions listed below will show you how to use Ometv on an Android phone using the Puffin Browser.

  • Search for the Puffin Browser in the Google Play Store, then select Install.
  • On your Android phone, open the Puffin Browser.
  • Use this web browser to go to
  • Look for the “3 vertical dots” in the top right corner of your screen and tap on them.
  • Tap Request desktop site after that.
  • The website will reload and appear like the official desktop version of Ometv.
  • You’ll be able to see the option for video chat.
  • Now select Video from the menu.
  • Select Allow when a pop-up window asking for permission to use your phone’s microphone and camera appears on your screen.

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