How do you mirror camera on OmeTv

On OmeTv, do you know how to flip the camera? Simply click the camera icon on the side after opening your viewfinder.

When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time on OmeTv. I am therefore familiar with the majority of its details, including how to flip a camera on the platform.


Simply click the camera icon on your viewfinder to start. You can turn your camera either when it is recording live or when it is paused. You’ll be happy to know that you can also reverse your camera if you’re using the chat site on your phone.

Both OmeTv for desktop and OmeTv for mobile support this.

By doing this, you can show the other person what your back camera sees. Just keep in mind that you can only do this with the Opera browser.

What you should do is:

  • On the display, click the camera icon.
  • Choose the back camera
  • To confirm, click Done.

OmeTv does this for unknown reasons. However, when someone looks in a mirror, they are accustomed to seeing a mirror image of themselves in reverse. It is safe to assume that OmeTv was influenced by this.

How Can I Turn My Camera Around?

Instead of flipping your camera, you might need to rotate it. You might have accidentally changed your chat settings, causing your camera to be facing the wrong way.

To remedy this

  • Toggle to the Video tab (in the column in the left-hand corner)
  • The preview on your camera
  • Pick the 90-degree rotation button.
  • Click the Rotate button repeatedly until the camera is in the desired position.

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