How To Get UnBanned OmeTv Pc


OmeTv is a platform in which random people can chat through video chatting, voice chatting, and texting. In this app, a user can communicate with people all over the world and can easily chat.

It helps people to meet interesting people and make friends virtually without any cost. This is an app for 18 years old and above.  This app is available to more or less all platforms such as on Android phones personal computers, etc.

  • A user can get unbanned by performing this process from pc. Firstly, the user should download and install a good VPN app.
  • After completing the installation process. The user has to close all the opened tabs of the website After closing it the user has to clear the cache of the site and cookies from the browser.
  • Then after refreshing the pc the user should launch the VPN.
  • Then the user should start logging in to the VPN with a different account or say a new account.
  • Then the VPN app should be connected to a necessary server. Again, refresh the pc and open the website.
  • Then the user easily accesses the website without any problems. And can chat freely.

A user can get banned very easily on this website. So, the user should not do anything which is beyond the rules of Ometv. The first and prior rule is that the user should be polite with their opponent.

The user should never say or chat about anything which is abusive in nature. The user should not do anything or display anything which is obscene.

A user should not place any other type of picture modified in her place of him or her. Any type of advertising of anything is not to be performed.

A user should not send any links regarding visiting a website or subscribing to their YouTube channels. The user should never spam about anything. 

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