What happened to ome.tv

In contrast to Omegle, OmeTv is still operational. It is still a very relevant and secure video chat platform.

The use of OmeTV doesn’t require any difficult steps. You can access it without creating an account or registering. Only the following needs to be done:

You may now text and video chat with your loved ones using the OmeTV app. The use of it is really simple, and talking about it is fun.

For iPhones, the OmeTV applications may also be downloaded via the Playstore and App Store.

And all you need is a Facebook or VK account to sign into OmeTv.

There are no special procedures to follow to start using OmeTv. The steps for obtaining access to this service are simple. Therefore, there is no confusion regarding how to start an Ometv conversation. Visit ometvs.com and select the start chat button to join.

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If you are still not able to open OmeTv can be 2 possibilities

If you are banned on OmeTv. we advise you to wait some days till your ban is uplifted or maybe make a new account on OmeTv to video chat with your friends and other people on the Internet. You may have been banned for silly reasons but we advise you to not be too aggressive, use obscene language, or do anything else that breaks the rules of OmeTv video chatting.

If Ometv is banned in your country you can change your server on Ometv to again start using OmeTv. To do that you can change your Ip address to some other country by using a proxy or VPN service. We recommend using a trustable VPN like NordVPN, you can also get various offers on NordVPN.

Hopefully, this fixes your problems.

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