Why OmeTv doesn’t work?

Ometv is safe for families. We comply with the strictest of industry standards. Our website requires unique user login and password which helps keep any inappropriate material from ever being viewed by minors. Ometv includes a number of parental controls that can be used to restrict minors from viewing adult material.

Because every chat site has its rules. On OmeTv, you can’t remove pictures because it says “You gotta earn it”, you can’t do that cuz all the guys look the same and UNFAIR cuz half of them are fakes, you can’t do that cuz they said that you can’t use fake pics because “you should earn it”. If you do that, you’ll get banned. So it’s the back of the rules.

Sexuality and the internet are things you shouldn’t mix, and illegal(pornographic) chats are often a form of sexual abuse. The enormous growth of the internet has brought about a worldwide network of sexual predators who prey on the naive and the lonely looking for love. If your child is not mature enough to protect himself from such predators, then you should talk to your children about the dangers of the internet.

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