How to skip on OmeTv?

Even if you actively avoid social situations, OmeTv is a fantastic way to make new friends. When using OmeTv, you are matched at random with a stranger to have a private conversation. You can choose to add your interests, and you will be matched at random with someone who has chosen some of your interests.


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How to skip a match and continue looking after being matched with someone in OmeTv’s chat search.

  • On your mobile, launch the OmeTv app. An icon for the OmeTv app is a yellow “” inside of a white square. It can be found in an app folder or on your home screen.
  • To begin matching, tap the CHAT button. This will look for a match and pair you up to chat with another user.
  • You’ll be asked to sign up or log in if you’re not already logged in.
  • Without logging into your registered account, you cannot chat on OmeTv.
  • A different option is to tap VIDEO to begin video chatting. A paid subscription to OmeTv’s VIP service is necessary for video chats.
  • Attend a match. Until you are matched with another user, you will see PLEASE WAIT on your screen.
  • The username and avatar of your match will appear on your screen once you’ve been matched.
  • Click the red X next to the username of your match. A red “X” button enclosed in a circle can be found here, close to the bottom of your screen. Your current match will be skipped, and it will continue looking for more matches.
  • To end, tap the red X in the upper-left corner. When you do so, the match-finding process will end and the main menu will appear.

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