How to use OmeTv on Browser?

Are you trying to find a new way to meet people online? With the help of the free, anonymous video chat service OmeTv, you can meet new people at random and start a conversation based on your common interests.

Go to OmeTv’s homepage. OmeTv is simple to use and only requires an internet connection for basic chat. Go to first. You can choose from several chat options right here. We’ll go over the fundamentals of starting a new chat with a stranger in the following steps.


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Take note of the terms of use at the bottom of the homepage before you start a conversation. Using OmeTv, you attest to the following: 

  • You are older than 13 years of age.
  • If you are under 18 years old, you have your parent’s or guardian’s consent.
  • You won’t send offensive content or use OmeTv to bully other users.
  • You promise to act in a way that complies with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

You can chat via text or video. You should see a message that reads “Start chatting:” with the choices “Text” and “Video” underneath it near the bottom right of the home page.

These choices are exactly what they sound like: “Text” enables text-based communication, while “Video” makes it possible for the other person to see you and hear you both (and vice versa). To start a conversation, select your preferred option.

Take note that you must have a working webcam and microphone in order to engage in video chatting.

Though it’s not always the case, most modern computers come with an internal microphone and a webcam integrated into the monitor. You may need to purchase the necessary peripherals if your computer lacks these built-in features.

Start conversing! You should connect to a stranger right away after choosing the chat option. You can get in touch with them by typing messages in the chat box and hitting the enter key on your computer or the “Send” button in the bottom right.

You should be able to see and hear the other person and yourself in the video feed on the left side of the screen if you chose video chat.

If you selected video chat, you might see a pop-up message the first time you connect requesting authorization to turn on your camera. In order to turn on your camera and begin your video chat, click “Yes” or “Okay.”

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